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Personalized with the coordinates for any city or location in the world, these hand stamped cuff links are the perfect groomsmen or dad's gifts!
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Latitude Longitude Cufflinks

Consider your territory marked with a pair of latitude/longitude cufflinks! Customized by you for any location, and affixed to silver-plated backs with a strong adhesive, stamped cufflinks with coordinates make the perfect gift. One cufflink will be stamped with latitude while the other features longitude. With a pair of these customized coordinates cufflinks you’ll undoubtedly be unleashing the deep geekery of geography nuts all over the globe! You take care of the coordinates (we’ll handle the degree symbol). Available in aluminum, copper, or brass.

Learn how latitude and longitude works by reading our About Latitude & Longitude page here.

Don't worry about the degrees symbol...
When you give us your coordinates here on our website, the text box isn't going to recognize the degree symbol, you can simply omit it, and we will add it in for you automatically when we stamp your order. You can use an apostrophe to indicate minutes and quotes to indicate seconds.
How do I find the coordinates for my special place?
Our favorite website for finding coordinates is
You type the address, city or major landmark into the box that reads "center the map around" and click Go!. It then moves the center point of the map to the place you have indicated, and provides the coordinates for that point in two formats, decimals and degrees/minutes/seconds.
Which format should I use?
We can stamp most of our pieces with either format, though our preferred is degrees/minutes/seconds because we like the way it looks on most of our pieces.
Technical Specs
  • Your choice of metal
    • Aluminum, Copper, and Brass cuff links will be glued to silver plated backs with super-strong adhesive.
    • Sterling Silver cuff links are soldered, solid sterling silver.
  • 5/8" square cuff link front in your choice of metal
  • One cuff link is stamped with the the latitude, the other with the longitude.

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