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Personalized Coordinates Bracelet

They say it’s all about location, and it’s true. Whether you love where you currently are or your favorite place is somewhere off in the distance, you can commemorate your ideal geographic location with this engraved cuff bracelet. Available in aluminum, copper, brass or silver, your options are virtually limitless. Engrave this bracelet with the coordinates to your hometown, the place you met your spouse or a place you hope to go in the future. Our open-cuff bracelet also makes a wonderful gift for a friend or family member going away to college or taking a first big job in another city.

Learn how latitude and longitude works by reading our About Latitude & Longitude page here.

Don't worry about the degrees symbol...
When you give us your coordinates here on our website, the text box isn't going to recognize the degree symbol, you can simply omit it, and we will add it in for you automatically when we stamp your order. You can use an apostrophe to indicate minutes and quotes to indicate seconds.
How do I find the coordinates for my special place?
Our favorite website for finding coordinates is
You type the address, city or major landmark into the box that reads "center the map around" and click Go!. It then moves the center point of the map to the place you have indicated, and provides the coordinates for that point in two formats, decimals and degrees/minutes/seconds.
Which format should I use?
We can stamp most of our pieces with either format, though our preferred is degrees/minutes/seconds because we like the way it looks on most of our pieces.
Technical Specs
  • These bracelets are stamped by hand, one letter/number at a time, oxidized, polished and formed into an oval cuff shape.
  • The metal itself measures 1/4" wide by 6" long, and the formed bracelet can fit any size wrist from 6.5-9".
  • Available in your choice of aluminum, brass, copper (shown), or sterling silver.

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